Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Harper: A Gun To Our Heads

Yesterday was another sad day in the tale of North American gun crime. It is the opportunity for Liberals to reflect citizens' concern and by showing, as representatives, the Liberals are serious about doing their part by seizing the moment to push the government to finalize the gun registry.

Last week, MP Marlene Jennings accused the government of attempting to "confuse people even more, so that they erode support among Canadians for the gun registry and they weaken the registry."

As Ken Dryden said "I hate guns".

To quote this Ottawa Citizen article:

"The Harper government proposed to extend an amnesty for unregistered rifles and shotguns, but at the same time warned gun owners they could be charged if they don't register the weapons and renew licences."

"Following up on an election pledge, the government last June tabled a bill that would repeal a law requiring gun owners to register rifles and shotguns, although a previous registry for handguns and bans on other weapons would remain."

I hope the government and opposition seize this opportunity to limit gun crime in Canada. The Registry is paid for, let's use it!

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