Saturday, December 02, 2006



I have a smug email to write to Chantal Hebert, and a pie to bake her.

With elation in me, may I just say there are no other ministers from Chretien's government that I respect more than Stephane Dion and Lloyd Axworthy.

I wish Dion the best as he takes off to the battle of the backroom and has to deal with all the creepy crawlies in the halls of power, this time with his finger on the trigger.

It has been over a year since I declared my support for the dark horse in the race and I hope he remembers us little guys when we offer our opinions in the future.


Now, Dion, get Lloyd to be Foreign Minister again.

Disgusting Tactics highlights something I really do not like; the use of "ethnic votes" to command politics. Politicians use the tactics too much, as I've posted before.

"More Sikh supporters of Kennedy have moved over to Iggy, this is in addition to the other Indo-Canadians who have moved to Iggy earlier. We are working to hear on a deal on something big with the Tamil delegates, who will hopefully come over to Iggy, addiing another 75 delegates."

It's precisely this management of divisions to control people that I believe the "nation" debate alluded to.

Shame on those who do it.