Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mulroney licks Harper's Wounds... Ouch!

As BCer in Toronto pointed out earlier today, Mulroney complimented Harper on his first abuses of the public trust. As Lyin' Brian said, Harpie will eventually come up with "some very attractive ideas."

"Aw, shucks, thanks Brian." replies Harpie... well, Harpie might if it weren't for an awkward news item about his big-chinned admirer the same day:

Mulroney ordered to pay $470,000 to Schreiber

Hmm, the optics don't look so good on that. I'd love to see a Quebec by-election right now.

Monday, July 16, 2007

From the Desk of Farley Mowat

Farley Mowat?! Holy F*ck! I almost sent them money. One cannot deny how powerful it is to have a real icon of Canada stumping for you. Farley Mowat recently wrote a letter of support for the Green Party.

There is such honesty and idealism of youth conjured when I read his words. Farley Mowat for me evokes the memory of an idealic Canada- an expansive, beautiful and preserved wilderness.

Its a powerful image for most Canadians and so when the author of that imagery raises the alarm, Canadians will react.

In case you didn't see it, I'm posting the original link. We really need to make sure that real action on the environment happens, at all levels of government, and more importantly, in our own lives.

Here is the letter (click here for the link):

Dear Green Party Friend:

Eighty-six years as participant and observer have convinced me we are facing an ecological and environmental crisis that could precipitate the greatest die-off in the history of our planet.

The current situation is so ominous and the potential for disaster so diverse and imminent as to threaten not just human life but all of animate creation. If this sounds like Chicken Little, it is because this time the sky truly may be falling.

The unwillingness of the powers-that-be to accept the scope and urgency of the threat convinces me that the cement-heads who currently control our destiny are incapable of responding to the approaching tornado. They will remain engrossed in their own self-interests, trusting that a consortium of super-science, technology, and the Entrepreneurial Gods will see them safely into Heaven on Earth.

I don’t believe it will. Which is why I am now giving my support to the Green Party, the only political entity demonstrating a real and potential effective concern for the planet and its myriad inhabitants.

All of its inhabitants!

For it is not just we human beings who are at risk. We are all in the same crucible together – and the temperature is rising rapidly, both figuratively and actually.

The Green Party, led by Elizabeth May, is the one political party clearly committed to averting the catastrophic consequences of our continuing to treat the Earth as mere dirt beneath our feet, so it is imperative that we elect Green Party members to our next parliament. This cannot happen without a lot of help from a lot of us.

The Harper Conservatives boast of their war chest of $15 million, and their War Room from which they will send out their Attack Ads and fire their Media Barrages. The Green Party and its leader, Elizabeth May, have only the Green Hope Chest, which at the moment is virtually empty. Nevertheless, they are promising a peaceable campaign focused on the survival of a peaceable kingdom.

I very much want them to succeed and I hope you do too, so I invite you to join me in making it financially possible for the Greens to vanquish the vandals and thereby help re-establish a viable future for life on Earth.

Signed Farley Mowat
Farley Mowat