Friday, March 30, 2007

King Leonidion's 308

BCE: Harper, the Wolf from 300

I read an article by the National Post's chief business correspondent entitled "Election first, takeover later".

In it, there is a hint of the Harperites' policy moves post-winning a majority. Let's call it a paw showing out from under the sheepskin.

It of course dovetails nicely with Harper's kick in the balls to income trusts. The article describes how BCE was lobbying Ottawa to allow it to recover money via an American takeover of it.

This push has now stopped and BCE is holding off because it would be bad politics for Harper to have to defend, during an election, the GIANT takeover of a Canadian iconic corporations under his watch. Nevertheless, as Theresa Tedesco writes, Maxime Bernier, has mused "about deregulation and busting down protective barriers in the telecom industry".

Somewhat related...

King Leonidas' analogy of Xerxes as the wolf fits my Harper reference well. If one remembers, Xerxes in the film believes himself a god. Enough said. Harper isn't as camp or as large (height-wise if not by weight) as 300's Xerxes but he definitely has the same moral compass.

Let's hope that Dion's Liberals manage to get close to the Spartan's 300 soldiers to defeat this Canadian Xerxes. Hmm, 308 soldiers has a nice ring to it... I'll have to figure out how to use Photoshop to make a graphic of that!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

GG: Libs invited to form government?

This Quebec election has me thinking more about minorities. If the Harperites lost a non-confidence vote, is the GG not obliged to ask the Liberals and other opposition parties to form a government? Liberals plus NDP would fit; is that enough seats?

I'm too lazy to look up the federal history on these things, but shouldn't that be what happens?

And back to Quebec... Wouldn't it be funny if the Liberals and the PQ formed a coalition government? It is not in the ADQ's interest politically and as opposition to support the government. The ADQ would win the next election for sure, now that people scared of the PQ feel confident in not having to vote Liberal.

PQ + Lib = Love, how ironic.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Huge Loophole" - Lobbying for Lobbyists - Thanks, Toews!

The Accountability Act is weak; I have no doubt about that. With so many government backroom mid-weights wanting to scrape something out of their influence, the government must oblige their buddies and allow lobbying. Also, how else would government know what it should do to help big companies and fat cats. It's wrong.

What's more wrong is the latest crap in the news, that rules whose ink is barely dried and only half signed into law are now going to be made weaker!

The more awful part is that the government is the one pushing for the watering-down.

Canadians deserve respect from their government. This new move is disgusting. People should register their dissatisfaction: