Monday, August 20, 2007

Where Conservatives' Energy Comes From?

Did anyone catch this picture link on the Tories' website?

"John, let's make the slogan reflect what we think of people who we crap on once elected."

Dion's Deep Throat: Aug 19th News Conference

Garth Turner pointed to the MPtv video of Stephane's news conference on the Liberal SPP Blueprint. Watching the video, I soon became bored and skipped to the questions that start at 15 minutes in, but the last five minutes is the real gold.

At first, the reporters seemed to want to make Dion say what he defined as a "combat mission" in Afghanistan. Not really the point of the news conference, and Dion gave wonky answers, not surprisingly.

But then, came the "who's the mole" stuff...

Romeo St. Martin asks:
Yesterday, [PM's Spokesperson] Sandra Buckler was here [...] She said there was no negotiation of bulk water. You said in french, that you have some information that the Liberals are receiving?
Dion interrupts:
We've heard some noise; we have some network of people telling us, 'be very careful cuz things are happening.' And we want put a marker very clearly, this should not be the case. [pointing to Blueprint]
St. Martin:
Why do you think the government would say we're not in negotiations about water; why do you think they are lying?
Oh, they are under pressure, coming from our American friends, to remove Canadian water, to help the problems with the shortage of fresh water. [...] I heared that many times, while I was in government. There is a strong lobby for that. We should be very strong to resist it. It would be a big mistake.
He goes on to explain how bulk water removal is not a solution to address shortages, when 2 billion people have inadequate supply.... But back to the juicy parts... Who's the mole?!

Norma Greenaway:
When [the Liberal government] started the SPP, were water exports on the table? [...] Were the Americans asking you to put it on the table?
By many networks we received requests of this kind. Not necessarily by the government of the US, though it may have happened. Each time I visited the US there was this view that water must be part of the negotiations.
Can you name some names about the people asking?
No, no, I will not give names but I may tell you that it happened many times, including when I was in California, for instance, speaking with the governor himself, not to say that he himself asked that, but there is a sense that California [...] is looking for another solution and Canada is very attractive.
But lobbying is different from negotiating. You are saying that you have information that there are talks?
There are talks, yes.
Then the moderator cuts in to end the questions, but Dion breaks in...

There are talks. The line between official and unofficial should be clarified, certainly.
St. Martin:
Could you be more clear about that? You say that you have information that there are negotiations going on, sir. And, yesterday, the spokesperson for the Prime Minister said 'It is not on the table. It is not being discussed. There are no negotiations.'

So you are calling the government a liar, the Prime Minister a liar. You say you've got some secret information. Could you share that with us?
I have some information that I cannot share about talks about that, and these talks should not become negotiations. The line between the two is so ambiguous I want it to dismiss any ambiguity, and it's why as a Liberal opposition we came with this marker, today.

Then a french-language question along the same lines as St. Martin's, Dion replies that things are happening despite what the PMO says. Then another one in english.

(female reporter):
What level are the discussions at?
I will not say more.

The moderator ends the news conference again, and Dion again breaks in...

The interest to me is to protect my country, and I have done that today.

Wow, huh?! Dion is a bold Mofo. That's some good opposition, real opposition.

PS - Garth Turner, thanks for joining the Liberals, I have never felt more in touch with parliament than through your blog, honestly. I wish more MPs, my own Liberal included, were half as dedicated and outgoing as yourself, at least with respect to communicating with their constituents.