Tuesday, March 27, 2007

GG: Libs invited to form government?

This Quebec election has me thinking more about minorities. If the Harperites lost a non-confidence vote, is the GG not obliged to ask the Liberals and other opposition parties to form a government? Liberals plus NDP would fit; is that enough seats?

I'm too lazy to look up the federal history on these things, but shouldn't that be what happens?

And back to Quebec... Wouldn't it be funny if the Liberals and the PQ formed a coalition government? It is not in the ADQ's interest politically and as opposition to support the government. The ADQ would win the next election for sure, now that people scared of the PQ feel confident in not having to vote Liberal.

PQ + Lib = Love, how ironic.


Jay said...

I wish something like that would happen, it would save us $250 million in election costs.

But we are talking about the CPC here, they won't allow that to happen because it would stop them from getting a majority. Can't you already hear the calls for getting rid of the unelected GG just like they have been bitching about unelected senators. They will attack anything that stands in the way of their supposed "entitlement" to control Canada.

Anonymous said...

In most parliamentary system, that is indeed the case.

Case in point, the United Kingdom is headed for a minority government. David Cameron, the Tory Leader, is currently in collation talks with the Liberal Democrats.

In all honesty, if election last night was in any other country. We would still be trying to figure who formed the government. It would be in the interest of stability.

The Tiger said...

I was wondering about that during the last Parliament, when my guys were in opposition.

The answer: yes and no. If it's in the first six months of the mandate, absolutely, the Liberals would get a shot at it. First year, probably.

Now, after more than a year? Not sure. If the PM advises the G-G to dissolve Parliament and she refuses, it gets dicey.

Ed Schreyer was interviewed during the 2005 confidence crisis about what he was thinking in 1979, and he said that he would have allowed the other parties to try to form a government, but that it just wasn't practical given that the PCs were only six seats shy of a majority.

Liberals and Dippers are just over 130 seats together. Is that enough, you ask?

Ask yourself this, federally: do you think that Dion would bring down a budget that Duceppe could vote for?

calgarygrit said...

Tiger's right. Based on precedence, in the first 6 months or so, you'd have to ask the opposition to form government.

But at this point, convention says there'd be another election.

Ed King said...

If the Liberals announced that they wished to form the government and had the support of more than half of MPs, the GG would consider appointing a new government. Of course, Libs + NDP does not equal a majority, so no, I don't think the GG would deny the request for a dissolution unless the Libs had the Bloc's support.