Thursday, April 12, 2007

Congratulations, Dion and May!

I am proud to see Mr. Dion putting his money where his mouth is. Progressive voters can be more comfortable voting for the Liberals from this day, knowing that it's not just the same old boys' game of promising action but never delivering.

As a progressive voter, I am always split at election time in a riding that swings between Tories and Liberals. Do I vote for Liberals who won't rock the boat but (unless forced) won't take action? Or, do I vote for a progressive party like the Greens to show where I want the country to go, but risk letting a Tory win?

Today, I can vote Liberal with a clear conscience. I hope the Liberal family realizes that I represent a good proportion of the voter pool.

Alarm bells are ringing at the Tory Fear Factory!

PS - Greens who oppose this move either don't believe in their most effective leader or are smoking crack. They are established as a political party, they have to win a seat and must be pragmatic about how to do that. If they want to be a political action group then stop running candidates.

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ALW said...

That noise ain't alarm bells. It's laughter.

I don't think you're seeing this from the point of view of a nonpartisan voter. What this looks like is the Liberals are cutting deals with a party with no seats for..what? So they can steal the spotlight from his crown jewel issue?

By all means, cheer this on. Just don't say I didn't warn you when centrist voters start worrying the Liberals are in league with special interests in the radical environmentalist movement.