Friday, October 20, 2006

The True D'eau

For much of my late teens, I loved The Economist. We divorced over the newspaper's dishonest support for the pre-emptive destruction of civil society in Iraq. Nevertheless, their worldwide coverage always has me over for one-night stands.

This week's article on Ignatieff is fair enough. One part really gets my goat.

Ignatieff = Nouveau Trudeau.

Despite the packaging, the analogy doesn't fit, even the article slyly points this out:

"For all his youthful globetrotting, Trudeau spent his adult life working in Canada, and served as a member of parliament and a cabinet minister. He may have been little known outside the universities of Quebec when he went for the top job, but he was not inexperienced."

The obvious contrast makes me wonder how others decided that Ignatieff is as close to the Liberal Jesus as a mere mortal can be.

True, Ignatieff is getting a baptism of blood right now but that is for another day's religious analogy.

It seems obvious that Stephane Dion most closely follows the path of Trudeau righteousness. Perhaps he is the second-coming of Christ? (Dion...Dieuon?)

Oops, I mean:

Oops, I mean:

PS - With regards language, while Trudeau's english was lovely, I prefer Dion's stilted but intelligent phrases to Landry's posh yet biggotted King's english.

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