Thursday, October 19, 2006

Parliamentary Parallels, More Please! Go Garth!

It always strikes me as funny how the British media don't realize they have a crystal ball to stare into on this side of the Atlantic. How an "unpopular" PM's heir-apparent and finance minister, Gordon Brown, will do once he is annointed leader/PM is no doubt hidden in the tea leaves of Paul Martin's story. Anyway, that's for them to figure out - I feel bad for New Labour's ignorance.

(I prefer the Lib Dems of the UK; how could one not love a progressive party with a leader named Sir Menzies Campbell. I think he's got a trademark on it.)


MPs in Britain are free of chains. We need more MPs that are able to speak freely here. Labour in the UK has held onto power by not muzzling it's MPs. For example, the Iraq war is hugely unpopular and by allowing their own MPs to show their opposition and in fact argue directly against Cabinet, the government has not polarized itself as the pro-Iraq party. People will vote for them knowing that their MP might stand up to government nonsense.

Indeed, at times the party has had to worry about MP "rebellions" when passing tough legislation but in the end, "miraculously" it passes. The government is weakened by the rebellions but more so the inner cabinet and PM. There's no problem with that. You can replace those guys when you need to without losing office.

Renewal in fact may help keep everyone else in office.

So, to Garth Turner, I say congrats on not napping with rats quietly. Sorry you're homeless.

With regards to joining the Greens, on your blog you call them "anti-conservative" - note the small 'c'. I'm not sure how you would justify this. It would make more sense to join the Libs for the sole purpose of getting a chance to ask questions in QP. It makes the Libs smug too, though that's probably not worth raising the issue of floor-crossing again.

Reading this from Garth's blog reminded me never to go into politics:

"Even before the caucus room doors opened at noon to let the world know my fate, the House of Commons tech guys told me they were under orders from the party to unplug my office computers. I asked what was going on, and was told they had written orders earlier that day from the Conservative Whip to shut me down and reconfigure."

The Harper boys at work in caucus:

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