Sunday, October 19, 2008

Results: Large Majority Support Dion

The results: 65% of us remain in support of Mr. Dion staying on as leader.

The poll I put up on Oct 18th for Liblog participants received 126 votes that day, but only 10 the next. I think it is safe to say, all votes are cast. I do not think it was descended upon by Tory bloggers and believe it represents a fair size of the Liblog-reading public.

Personally, I hope the Liberal Party of Canada does not make the wrong choice tomorrow.

If you want to keep voting, here ya go...

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red and proud said...

I didn't vote in your poll but I too hope Dion remains as leader. So do many others. A Facebook group has been created called 'Liberals (and others) Opposed to Stephane Dion's Removal as Leader'. Here's the link:

There is also a petition--Stephane Dion is a Leader--for people to sign. Here's the link for that: