Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dion Should Stay

Mr. Dion has guts and brains. I believe this election has taught him a few brawler moves, at least I hope so. He learned the French fighting techniques with his Clarity Act fight. The liberal leadership have lessons to learn; most important to them and those of us who are addicted to politics, 'how do we engage the electorate and generate enthusiasm for a progressive party?'

Dion's experience and familiarity with today's public is the key ingredient to a progressive liberal government next time around.


Francesco said...

hmmm..interesting comments...i think you should re-examine the election was a disaster for liberals and the leader is to be held responsible for this defeat...dion didn't connect with canadians, his policies were a disaster , his rallies when he spoke alone for lacklustre at best...if 1 million less canadians not voting for us is not enough what is....??

ml johnstone said...

People should do a full turn around to see the other side: The Conservatives did not get a majority. Given the hype from the US generated economic crisis, they should have won by a landslide.