Thursday, May 01, 2008

CPC & Double-dipping?

If you look on the CPC 1st Quarter donations list there are two entries on different dates:

Edward S. Rogers    March 13th, 2008    $1000
Edward S. Rogers    March 25th, 2008    $1000

Hmm, I'd be curious to know whether these entries were the same person or not.

Here is another less suspicious one I noticed:

Frederick H. Mannix   February 5th, 2008   $1000
Frederick P. Mannix    March 17th, 2008      $1000


Christian Conservative said...

You have to dig deeper than that when looking at these things...

As for Edward S. Rogers, there are two different addresses listed for these donations, both from Toronto... perhaps a father and son with similar names? (maybe "Ed Steve Rogers", vs. "Ed Sam Rogers"? I'm just making those names up)

As for Frederick Mannix, there are obviously two individuals involved, as their middle names are different... though they do live in the same house, as indicated by the postal code.

Bailey said...

I'm pretty sure that's Ted Rogers, Jr and Ted Rogers, III who made the donations to the Conservative Party.