Sunday, April 27, 2008

DION on Question Period, also Bill C-51

I thought Dion was excellent on QP this Sunday.  He answered questions earnestly and clearly, (in english).  He didn't sound like a used car salesman, unlike Flaherty.

Bill C-51, Food and Drug Act changes, was put to first reading recently; I've just read about them.  It seems there are two issues:

Now, my first reaction is "oh no!" to Item 1 and "oh good!" to Item 2.  I don't really know how to interpret the changes.  I hope I can read more about it in the near future.

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kitt said...

What I've heard is that Bill C-51 will remove democratic oversight, bypassing elected officials to vote in laws and allow bureaucrats to adopt laws from other countries without our consent. It will remove 70% of Natural Health Products from Canadians and many others will be available by prescription only. Restrict research and development of safe natural alternatives in favour of high risk drugs. Punish Canadians with little or no opportunity for protection or recourse for simply speaking or giving a natural product without the approval of government. More than 70% of people in Canada use a natural health product. The new law goes so far as to warrant action against a person who would give another person an unapproved amount of garlic on the recommendation that it would improve that person's health.

The Bill's purposed new enforcement powers:
*Inspectors will enter private property without a warrant
*Inspectors will take your property at their discretion
*Inspectors will dispose of your property at will
*Inspectors will not reimburse you for your losses
*Inspectors will seize your bank accounts
*Inspectors will charge owners shipping and storage charges for seized property
*Inspectors will be empowered to store your property indefinitely
*Inspectors will levy fines of up to $5,000,000.00 and/or seek 2 years in jail per incident

This is more CONservative dictatorship.