Thursday, November 16, 2006

Garth 1, Lib Leaders 0. Hey, Brison?!

I was disappointed to not hear a peep out of the Liberal leadership candidates regarding Garth's announcement. While woefully difficult to get elected, independents are popular. People like me like the underdog. With Garth in the spotlight, a candidate could have taken the opportunity to comment on how they would rejuvenate the democratic process.

As I've posted before, free-mouthed MPs make for a responsive government. I still believe in the whip system to get things done, but I believe the UK has it right in allowing backbenchers to speak up.

And with respect to nomination meetings, I think it is funny that the guy with the most street cred is Brison. Unlike Dion, Iggy, and Dryden, he wasn't a celebrity or handed a safe seat. Firstly, he can comment with respect to his stepping-aside for Joe Clark. Then, he can talk about how he wrestled with becoming an independent when Mackay screwed the PC's, and Brison's decision to join the Liberals.

For the Conservatives, they've had a few flights as well, remember the DRC. That was an adventure. And the continuing issue of floor-walking is no doubt related, affecting both parties.

I don't think Garth was too far wrong to say '10 to 20 independents wouldn't be a bad thing. It is a democracy, share the wealth.

Too bad the Liberal leaders didn't think it worthwhile talking about.

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