Friday, December 05, 2008

Edmonton MP Linda Duncan to bring down Harper!

The perfect icon to move a motion of no confidence in Mr. Harper's dictatorship is NDP MP Linda Duncan. She represents a crack in Harper's Alberta firewall, dispells the smokescreen of "western alienation" and represents a change in Canadian politics.


The Grumpy Voter said...

You do realize the result of this week's shenanigans is the Tories sitting at 46% nationally Liberals at 23% and the NDP at 13%, right?

Any coalition government deal that has the Bloc's blessing can only help the Tory polling numbers.

Archie said...

She's just a bump in the road, next election she'll be toast. Especially after this coalition stink. It's not a good idea to be a liberal or NDP supporter out west right now.

wilson said...

Duncan won by 442 votes,
there is no way she will survive the next election.

No way, unless she rejects the coalition.
The coalition has 9% support in Alberta.

There are 21 other Lib and dipper seats in Western Canada
that are going to get the fight of their lives after this 'attempt' to give the West's voice to the BLOC.

Joe said...

Tories think they own Alberta, but Duncan has a lot of support in Strathcona. Dippers and Liberals from across the city and province will decend upon her already formidable machine to keep her in.