Sunday, September 28, 2008

Make Poverty History: Dion is Brilliant!

Make Poverty History is a media savvy and well publicized organization.  They have posted short clips of one-on-one interviews with the party leaders answering 5 specific questions on poverty.  Dion's answers are excellent - specific, compassionate and intelligent.  Harper refused to sit down with the group.


Prairie Kid said...

I don't know what the fuss is all about. Paul Martin said that he was going to get rid of child poverty by 2000. And it's now 2008 so child poverty must have been eliminated by now right? And what has Dion said about the time frame? Next year, 2 years from now????

ml johnstone said...

Yes Dion is Brilliant but people are looking for their image of Alpha Male. Harper has it. Now he is handing out bananas to poor countries to show that he knows as much about Climate Change as Stephan Dion. The smirk of a bully is captured on CBC and the globe and mail photos.
Others vying in Liberal party for alpha male role will not realize that Dion kept away a Conservative landslide.