Sunday, September 23, 2007

YOUR blog, YOUR riding

Bloggers can improve the grassroots of the Liberals, help a newly-invigorated party connect with communities, and provide Canadians with a real government.

I propose that Liblogs' bloggers each commit to a federal riding. Be the eyes and ears of that riding over the next year.

There are enough of us to do this. Ideally, one would cover their own riding but no doubt there will be a missing blogger somewhere and too many glued to Downtown Canada City.

We need to be in touch with our communities. Be active and give the blogosphere insight into what is important in different ridings, the dynamics. Do some armchair research, email locals, ask questions of candidates. Engage the public.

Most importantly, matching blog-talk with our communities will engage people. It will demonstrate that Liberal party understands its public duties, and will create trust in Dion's plan for governing. All politics is local.

PS - I'm going to keep posting about this until Liblog Master Cherniak engages the idea and someone works out how to establish a riding-blogger matching system.

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